Coronavirus in the eyes of experts – a debate with the participation of MGS LAW

Coronavirus in the eyes of experts – a debate with the participation of MGS LAW

In order to prepare the society for the next wave of COVID-19 incidence in the autumn and winter period, the Pomeranian Employers Association together with the Office of the Marshal of Pomeranian Province are organising a debate ‘Coronavirus in the eyes of experts’ that will take place on 15 September this year at 01:00 p.m. on the 34th floor of the Olivia Star building located within the Olivia Business Centre complex.


During the debate, the rules of conduct and practical tips for preventive actions against COVID19 will be demonstrated in the presence of outstanding authorities in health care, sanitary and epidemiological services, as well as a lawyer, a psychologist and a representative of the Police.

An appeal to the public, including among others the rules of conduct during the pandemic, will be signed at the end of the debate.

The debate will be attended by:


Wicemarszałek Województwa Pomorskiego [Deputy Marshal of the Pomeranian Province], Ms Agnieszka Kapała-Sokalska;

Wojewódzki Państwowy Inspektor Sanitarny [Provincial State Sanitary Inspector], Mr Tomasz Augustyniak;

Okręgowy Inspektor Pracy w Gdańsku [District Labour Inspector in Gdańsk], Mr Mariusz Pokrzywnicki;

Dyrektor Wydziału Zdrowia Urzędu Wojewódzkiego [Head of the Health Department of the Provincial Office], Mr Jerzy Karpiński;

Konsultant Wojewódzki Chorób Zakaźnych [Provinicial Consultant of Infectious Diseases], prof. Tomasz Smiatacz;

Prezes Szpitali Pomorskich [President of Pomeranian Hospitals], Ms Jolanta Sobierańska-Grenda;

Wiceprezes ds. medycznych PL Copernicus [PL Copernicus Vice-President for Medicine], Mr Krzysztof Wójcikiewicz;

Partner MGS LAW Kancelarii Radców Prawnych [MGS LAW Firm Partner], Mr Michał Sznycer;

Psycholog środowiskowy, Uniwersytet Gdański [Environmental Psychologist, Gdańsk University], prof. Tomasz Besta;

Nadinspektor Andrzej Łapiński, Komendant Wojewódzki Policji w Gdańsku [Chief Superintendent, Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk].

Debate Moderator – Mr Zbigniew Canowiecki – Prezydent Pracodawców Pomorza [President of the Pomeranian Employers Association]

Please visit the Pomeranian Employers Association website for more information.