Dariusz Mądry

Attorney-at-law, partner

Dariusz Mądry is specialized in negotiations with trade unions.

D. Mądry has been representing employers and carrying out negotiations in cases relevant to collective agreements including social contracts, salaries increase arrangements, agreements in matters connected with the change of employer resulted from workplace reorganizations, as well as companies collective work arrangements, payroll regulations, work and company social benefits funds. He supports employers in resolving collective disputes as well as in all cases connected with social dialogues between employers and employees.

During his over 15 years long practice he used to negotiate collective agreements relevant to the protection of rights and interests of employees in the largest petrochemical industry and electric energy capital Groups contributing to ensuring social peace in the course of social processes. He used to take part in multiple arbitrations aiming to conclusions or rearrangements of collective work agreements. He has been representing employers of the petrochemical industry and the electric energy sector, leading negotiations in matters relevant to salaries arrangements and other agreements resulted from the process of social dialogue. In the years 2021 and 2022 he took part in negotiations connected with arrangements aiming at the protection of employees rights in the circumstance of changing employers resulted from the merger of key companies within the petrochemical and gas industry. Within the frames of that economy process he also negotiated collective multilateral agreements aiming at the protection of employees employed at different employers within merging capital Groups.

Together with his group of specialists he has been providing also ongoing legal assistance in individual cases relevant to labour law. He represents employers at labour law courts. His legal advice is based on many years of practice in the field of ongoing assistance for the so called “common services centres” and large employers organization units responsible for human resources policies.

Winner of the “Forbes Professionals 2012 –Professions of Public Trust” contest in the category of Attorney-at-Law in the Pomeranian voivodship.
A graduate of Gdańsk University Faculty of Law. He has been practicing as attorney-at-law since 2001.

In private he is a promotor of outdoors living, an angler, a fan of survival and trekking and biking expeditions.