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Michał Sznycer as the panel moderator at the 8th National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020


The 8th edition of National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK  is ahead of us. The conference will be held in Gdańsk on 2-3 July 2020 at the Museum of the Second World War, and the main topic of the meeting will be THE ENERGY FOR THE ECONOMY – THE ECONOMY FOR THE ENERGY.

Michał Sznycer, Partner of MGS LAW firm and Vice-President of the Management Board and Coordinator of the Forum of Energy and Climate of the Pomeranian Employers Association will be the moderator of PANEL 3 devoted to Investments in innovation – companies, local governments, prosumers (RES, e-mobility, photovoltaics) – the panel is placed on the agenda of the second day of the Summit from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Participants in the debate (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Betke – Deputy President of BSiPE “ENERGOPROJEKT POZNAŃ” S.A; Artury Dembny – President of CRK Energia Sp. z o.o.; Jakub Faryś – President of Polish Automotive Industry Association; Andrzej Kojro – President of ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.; Radosław Kwiecień – Board Member of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego; Paweł Niedzielski – Sales Director of Energy Sector, Nokia Solutions and Network Sp. z o.o.; Arnold Rabiega – President of the National Institute of Distributed Energy ; Bogdan Szymański – President of the Photovoltaic Industry Association – Poland PV; Grzegorz Walczukiewicz – Director, Port Czystej Energii Sp. z o.o.

The intention of OSE Gdańsk 2020 organisers is to gather again representatives of key institutions responsible for the country’s energy and economic security, politicians, economists and representatives of the business and science world  in order to have a discussion aimed at securing the Polish economy, in particular its strategic sectors, in terms of risks arising from the international situation and EU policy.  As usually, at the end of the first day of the session, a formal gala will be held during which “Bursztyn Polskiej Energetyki 2020” will be awarded for the 5th time.

The topics discussed during the next edition of the Summit will be, among others, reorganisation of the Polish energy market and initiatives to revitalise the national economic potential, which will certainly provoke an extremely interesting and inspiring discussion. The main topics that will be mentioned in particular panels are: economic and energy independence, security of raw materials supplies, stability of international relations.

National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020: http://osegdansk.pl/

Galery: http://osegdansk.pl/galeria-2020/


National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020 Michał Sznycer