Anna Eliszewska

Attorney-at-Law, Of Counsel

She is specialized in legal assistance for companies working in the gas and electric energy sectors as well as in personal data protection law and contract law. Within her practice she has been providing ongoing legal assistance for entities working in retail and wholesale electric energy and gas fuels markets, within this field included the preparation and verification of contracts with final consumers, framework agreements (within the EFET standards as well), selling electric energy from micro – installations, prosumer contracts, providing services as an entity responsible for trade balancing and providing services as commercial or commercial & technical operator.

Within her professional practice she has been providing legal services for a number of projects connected with building products in the electric energy and energy related markets (ESCO, energy efficiency, HAN/SmartHome), as well as energy products directed to gas fuels and electric energy consumers (for households as well as for business sectors) included bundle products in particular.
She has been taking part in projects connected with the adaptation of energy companies to the new regulations (to the MIFID2 directive and to the EMIR and REMIT ordinances amongst others) as well as in works and analyses connected with the systematic use of LNG in Poland. She is a co-author of multiple legal opinions and analyses relevant to the system operators practice and compliance with the law, unbundling distribution principles and implementation of compliance programs.
She has been leading many proceedings in front of President of the Power Engineering Regulations Office, including proceedings for concession grants as well as financial penalties imposition. She has been running and actively taking part in many projects comprehending audits and the implementation of measures ensuring the compliance of Clients’ activities within the requirements relevant to personal data protection law (implementation of the so called RODO ordinance).
She has been conducting multiple training courses in the field of energy law as well as personal data protection law. She is an active member of the Energy Turnover Society. Currently she takes active part in works accompanying the change of legislative changes in the field of energy law. She completed the legal counsel application at the Gdańsk Regional Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law, and she is an attorney in law listed in that Chamber. She is a graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration of the Gdańsk University. She is fluent in English.

In private she reads books in the company of her Siberian cats and plans new journeys across Asia .