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MGS LAW has been one of the first law firms and consulting offices in Poland interested and active in the field of hydrogen economy development.


Our activities since 2017 comprehended legal assistance for innovative projects at conceptual and implementation stages, particularly as well as  involvement and creation of the corresponding normalization environment. Those activities harmonized with the dynamics of enterprises aimed at the widening of hydrogen technologies implementation.

The sphere of subjects covered by MGS LAW is connected with the application of hydrogen technologies in the transport and power engineering sectors. Hydrogen as an energy medium is emerging as supposition in many business projects therefore the identification of all possibilities for its lawful implementation in the realities of an unformed legal environment leads to the inevitability of adapting unconventional solutions.

Pomerania Hydrogen Valley

MGS LAW is one of the first members of the Hydrogen Technologies Cluster and is also one of the Pomerania Hydrogen Valley signatories. MGS LAW takes part within these structures  in many activities connected with the potential development of  hydrogen technologies which are to play a leading role in the economy including eco-innovations and  the development of power effectiveness by means of application of  hydrogen technologies.

The Hydrogen Technologies Cluster activities include the promotion and implementation of hydrogen technology solutions as well as the propagation, support and studies for the development and implementation of products and services within the national economy, aiming at a substantial improvement of the polish economy technological standards within the European Union and globally. The multi-dimensional cooperation platform favors the effective merge and utilization of capabilities of the entities associated with the Cluster for the promotion and development of hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen Technologies Claster

In  connection with the legalization proposals of the Fit for 55 package of the European Commission resolution the importance of low and zero emission hydrogen will increase. The guideline is to achieve a 50 % share of green hydrogen in the industrial consumption and the implementation of hydrogen infrastructure in transportation, particularly guaranteeing the availability of hydrogen stations as well as the reorientation of the automotive sector to the production of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

Polish Conference on hydrogen energy and technology 2018

One of the first Polish conferences dedicated to the review of hydrogen technologies available on the market. During the event there were brought up topics related to the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the zero emission economy. Lectures were dedicated to issues in the field of hydrogen production and storage and its implementation in power engineering and transport.


Within the Hydrogen Technologies Cluster we have been the organizer of the PCHET  conference in every year (Polish International Conference on Hydrogen Energy and Technology). During these conferences there were presented series of issues connected with the use of hydrogen technologies in transport and power engineering. We are responsible for the legalization field within the Cluster, we analyse business models which use hydrogen as an energy medium.

The adoption of the strategic document “Polish hydrogen strategy till the year 2030 with a perspective to 2040”  is indisputably a vital milestone for the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland. It has been stressed in it the importance of the creation of a chain of values for the hydrogen economy development, in particular: the building of new production capabilities for the production of renewable energy sources, the construction of installations for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives from low emission sources, the development of processing technologies including the installation of electrolysers and the construction of hydrogen distribution networks, the creation of an adequate industrial and transport infrastructure, the construction of hydrogen storage systems as well as refuelling infrastructure and the production of fuel cells to be applied in the energy engineering, heat generation, transport and other sectors. The definition of the right legal frames will lay at the foundations of these actions, i.e.: the coordination of the legislative process will allow the creation of development incentives included building supply & demand, costs difference levelling between conventional solutions and solutions based on renewable hydrogen and low emission hydrogen, as well as the constitution of relevant state assistance rules and financial support for hydrogen technologies.


MGS LAW is actively engaged in the process of creating the legal environment to materialize the mentioned above goals. As a result of analyses carried out within the Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Coal Technologies Cluster, Atty Michał Sznycer and Atty Anna Eliszewska prepared an analysis which includes a specification of the present and proposed legal provisions which comprehend or shall comprehend in the near future the regulations for the utilization of hydrogen. That document was handed over to the Ministry of Climate and Environment and it is supposed to be an important element for further studies aiming at the implementation of hydrogen strategy and the elaboration of provisions of law for the being created from scratch Hydrogen Act. Within the Cluster, MGS LAW is also responsible for the substantive contribution to many letters addressed to a number of institutions involved in describing the legislation barriers and inconsistencies which could considerably restraint business activities connected with the application of hydrogen technologies.

MSG LAW was one of the Principal Substantive Patrons of the Nationwide Scientific Conference “Legal challenges to the energy engineering transformation towards the Green Deal” during which the development of hydrogen technologies was discussed. Atty Michał Sznycer and Atty Anna Eliszewska spoke there as lecturers.

On October 14th MGS LAW represented by Atty Michał Sznycer became a signatory of the “Sector Deal  for the hydrogen economy development in Poland” which is an expression of will of the local and governmental public administration, business and scientific circles and business spheres individuals for the cooperation in the building and development of the hydrogen economy in Poland. 

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